• Samsung printers

    Hello all,

    I wanted to setup my Samsung SCX-3200 printer. I spent a couple of hours while I found the solution.

    This packages needs for:

    • cups
    • ghostscrip
    • gsfonts
    • samba
    • libcups
    • samsung-unified-driver (1.00.35-1)
    • system-config-printer (1.5.7-1)

    I spent hours when I found the last one (system-config-printer 1.5.7-1). This is a very good package, from this you can control the whole printer(paper size, toner level, …etc). Only with this could I do the printer to work on linux.

    My suggestion is add this package to the default antergos applications.

    Screenshot-Print Settings - localhost.png Screenshot-Printer Properties - 'samu' on localhost.png

  • @I-sty Which desktop environment (DE) are you using?

  • @I-sty said:

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