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    If you don’t know me yet I’m TAC_Tux and I may only be 15 but i have been programing and using linux for quit some time…after my resent switch to Antergos Arch Linux i had truly fallen in love with Arch and how the classic freedom feeling of linux felt even free-er and had no limits…but like i said i’m 15 and what teenage boy doesn’t love video games. I have recently installed Steam+Bumblebee and i have used SteamOS+Linux to play games for awhile but not yet on Arch…and it was amazing…this was absolutely the smoothest and best quality PC gaming i have ever done…the lightning quick speed of Arch really makes gaming great plus there are tuns of free Linux games on steam and you can now run non steam games through steam for a better feel. Once again my deep love for Arch linux grows and now i shall only use arch linux. I just though it would be helpful to put the link to the video where i learned how to install Steam plus my modified notes from what the guy on youtube had in his description as his notes were not correct…my notes may seem long but this process is short and stupid easy.

    Heres the link to the video
    [Arch Linux] How to install Steam + Bumblebee with the latest Nvidia [email protected]
    here are my modified notes
    *Enable the multilib repository if you are running a 64bit machine.
    Steam is 32bit so you need the 32bit libs in order to run all 32bit apps and games.

             sudo nano  /etc/pacman.conf

    (uncomment multilib and the line just below it by removing the # then save to enable multilib)
    **you will see this…remove the #'s…only on these two lines **

    **now you should see thissnapshot10.png **

    go ahead an click file and save to set these changes in stone

    **now we need to run the following command line to update your repositories…doing this will officially add multilib to your system **

                              sudo pacman -Syy

    time to install steam

                             sudo pacman -S steam

    now install bumblebee with the Nvidia proprietary driver + all their dependencies and 32bit libs.

    sudo pacman -S bumblebee bbswitch primus lib32-primus intel-dri xf86-video-intel nvidia nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-utils lib32-intel-dri

    check bumblebee config and make sure Bridge=primus, Driver=nvidia, if not make that so

          sudo nano /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf

    now you need to enable bumblebee !!!WARNING DONT LEAVE OUT THE [d] AT THE END OR IT WONT WORK!!!

                       sudo systemctl enable bumblebeed

    now reboot your system and enjoy amazing gaming

    Have fun
    TAC_Tux :D

  • @TAC_Tux

    I would recommend using nano instead of “name of text editor”, nano is included by default. Not everyone knows what the text editor names are.

  • @Wyn
    Thank you i will edit that 👍

  • Thanks for taking the time to write this. I’m sure it will be helpful to other Antergos users. That being said, this sort of thing belongs on the Wiki. We want there to be a single place for users to find this sort of information when they need it (vs having to search all over the place). I hope you understand 😄


  • @lots.0.logs
    Thanks im glad i could help…how can i add this to the wiki and im sorry for the late response but I took s day off from programing a friend wanted to go ride bmx bikes…im 15 so i guess i’m still kinda a kid

  • No worries 😄 Its easy to create a wiki article:

    1. Go to http://antergos.com/wiki
    2. Click Register and create an account.
    3. After activating your account, log in.
    4. Click New Article from the main menu.


  • Antergos is just awesome! it’s breathed new life into my old m11x…

  • Can you take this featured article down or at least update it to point to the wiki as it has misleading information. Thanks for your work just dont want others to get confused as I did.

  • @Luke-Greenleaf

    I don’t understand how you find it “misleading” or “confusing” if you follow the steps it will work fine…Although after a look at your profile from what I understand you are still somewhat new to Arch Linux. If you need extra help I would be glad to offer it to you on the subject… :D

  • @Fadi-R
    Nice!!! wish i had an alienware…good for you

  • I must be very new as this wiki page works swimmingly and does so with fewer dependencies. So thats what I meant there are non agreeable pages but I guess they have different authors so no wonder they dont agree. http://antergos.com/wiki/hardware/installing-steam/

  • @TAC_Tux Thanks! They’re good machines and I don’t regret buying mine but alot of your money is paying for Dell’s Alienware branding and marketing. You’d be better off getting a cheap portable and building your own desktop for your house (your money will go alot further in the desktop realm).

  • @Fadi-R That’s so true! I ended up buying a XPS 8700 to avoid paying for the Alienware brand. It’s a great brand but at the end of the day the difference between what I got and the comparable Alienware system at the time is almost non-existent.

  • @Luke-Greenleaf

    I left bumblebee out as everyone does not have an nvidia optimus laptop. Someone can add it though if it becomes an issue.


    Build your desktop and save your money. Don’t buy prebuild.

  • @Wyn I’d typically do build my own, but I didn’t have time to do it this time around.

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