• 7 things Linux users still can't do


    Still, Libre Office = ~100MB installer
    MSOffice = idk, some GBs?

  • um acutally Gimp is better photo app then adobe so linux has good for photograhers!

  • “Can’t use Internet Explorer”

    I fail to see the problem here…

  • Haven’t really found anything any of my family can’t do on linux using gimp, libreoffice, steam, kodi, etc., except getting the shared screen/meetings of MS Lync working–yet!?! Everyone in the house uses Linux, including my 5, 7, and 14 year old. Excellent form, and quickly becoming my favourite distro! Thanks, Greg.

  • @Yash the office itself plus the bloatware

  • I’m pretty neutral on the matter of what can/can’t be done because for MOST users any platform will work. I deal with Windows/Macs all day long and see a different problem for the Linux world.

    Sadly it’s all because of $ signs. Many devs don’t want to move to Linux due to $. Many companies won’t move to Linux because $. It would take someone already making lots of $ to want to push Linux to the next level in the market (like Google has done and Valve and even Redhat) Linux is a pet project that with enough money backing it from other areas can become great. Until enough people began truly supporting Linux there may always be “Things Linux users can’t do.”

    I could list these things all day long:
    Can’t use Widi
    Can’t program some things because only available on xyz platform
    Can’t design some things (Architectual, Landscaping, ect.)
    Some hacking/modding programs are only xyz platform
    Geneology programs? Scrapbooking programs? Sewing Programs?
    Office. Some businesses require it.

    As long as there is money to be made there may always be someone that doesn’t support something in regard to Linux.

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