• 7 things Linux users still can't do


    cant really say i agree with much he says. it mostly depends on the persons needs.

  • @megaman

    • Adobe: I really do not care as I’m not a designer or video maker. And this is an Adobe problem (that ignores Linux) not a Linux one.
    • Games: Oh, come on. Most games work on steam or using Wine.
    • Video streaming: Who uses his/her computer for those? I thought everybody used a TV. I use Linux to stream to my appleTV, I do not need windows for anything at all.
    • Google client drive: It’s a google problem. There’re free alternatives that just work.
    • iTunes is only useful if you have a Mac environment (iPhone, iMac, …) as Apple forces you to use it if you want to transfer video or music, but if you are not an apple fan… it has no use to you and there are a lot of better alternatives. Therefore, this is an Apple problem, not a Linux one.
    • Sites requiring IE are crap, period. IE does not follow the standards, so companies should not enforce using it. If a site needs IE it means it’s bad designed. And what has this to do with Linux?
    • Decent UI designing software for Linux : There’re some out there, but QtDesigner feels like a very good option (if you want to program using Qt, that is).

    To tell you the truth, I felt the article’s points were very weak.


  • Conclusion : Linux is not for photographers. xD

    and congratulations for becoming a moderator, megaman!
    Animated avatars rule! xD

  • @karasu said:


    • Games: Oh, come on. Most games work on steam or using Wine.

    If that was true I wouldn’t use Windows.

    Need more triple a games pushing for linux.

  • wow the writers an idiot…in 2015 we now have some of the best game franchised if you go to steams website there are over 80 pages ove great linux games…we have our own photo editing software that is easier to use.i use google drive daily…and i stream movies via hulu and netflix daily…internet explorer eats balls…i mean who still even uses that? and there are millions of apps and other software…oh and i have adobe…hue hue hue to all the lies about linux…microsoft users are in the past…world wide more people use linux and do everything people on microsoft bitch and say we cant do…what do you mean we cant do? its open source microsoft is the one that can’t do…with linux there are no limits and with Arch linux limits is not a vocabulary word

  • @TAC_Tux said:

    2015 we now have some of the best game franchised if you go to steams website there are over 80 pages ove great linux games

    We need Ea/Rockstar/Ubisoft on the linux bandwagon. Pumping out Battlefield/GTA/Some yearly popular ubisoft game would speed things up considerably.

  • @Yash said:

    Conclusion : Linux is not for photographers. xD

    and congratulations for becoming a moderator, megaman!
    Animated avatars rule! xD

    thanks yash 😄 animated avatars do rule! 👍

  • Let’s pretend people don’t use kodi and popcorntime.
    Spideroak works like google drive and can transfer things to your ipad.
    I think rhythmbox and banshee at least will put music on an ipod. Not sure about ipad since I don’t put music on it.
    You can indeed copy stuff off of an ipad through the file manager. I have done it with books and several apps. Not sure about copying things to the ipad, though.

  • i thought google finalled released a google drive app for linux? if not they been teasing that for years now. not something i need anyway.

    lotta of these things on the list are things i dont need.

  • I haven’t used Windows in years. Bought a new HP Edge Laptop. Wiped Windows 8 right off, of it. Set up my new multi-boot Linux Box immediately there after. Linux does pretty much all I need it to do and has all that I need of it.

  • i once read about someone who bought a windows laptop and got a refund from microsoft because he called them up and said he didnt want the OS. he wiped it clean and installed linux right away. i tried to do the same thing with a toshiba laptop about 10 years ago but they wouldnt give me anything. he thought it was weird i wiped windows off.

    he was like “how are you going to use it now with no windows?” i said linux! “he said i doubt it would run on whatever a linux is” 😄

    well im happy to report that toshiba lasted about 7 years on linux and everything worked just fine.

  • Not everyone knows what Linux is. All they know is that when they turn on their computer, they get to the Internet. Other people are so extreme in their lack of knowledge base they don’t even know what a browser is.

    I have never been more satisfied with having foregone Windows and all the crap that it brings --bloatware, crapware, and a number of other “–ware”.
    It is free, easily configurable to one’s liking, works great on older laptops, has no drivers that you need to find somewhere on the net and download to fill up over 100’s of mb just for drivers for applications alone.
    Has a great pacman/synaptic package mgr tool at your disposal, many Linux websites throughout the net to help you out, community members for a particular distribution to help you out in case your stuck with something, can browse on virus plagued websites all you want and not a thing to worry about in not catching a virus or malware to infect your system (browser still susceptible of course). Most systems have fast boot up time. (Arch systems is right in there with that fast boot up time, exceptions might be Opensuse),—Windows?–forget it. Windows takes so long you have enough time to go and make yourself a sandwich, go pee, sit and watch some commercial, come back to laptop and then maybe it’s finished booted up.

  • Adobe? Well, RawTherapee cuts it just fine for my photography needs…

  • i really dont think adobe makes very good products. even when i was on windows i didnt use adobe that often.

  • @megaman I haven’t looked recently, but Adobe products won the sweepstakes for a couple years in a row. They had more exploits in the wild, and unpatched, than the next three contenders - COMBINED. We all remember when Microsoft won that award year after year, don’t we?

  • I use Linux primarily for photography, quite a few of my well paid friends who are pro photographers also use Linux. Darktable, UFRAW, GIMP, Rawtherapee and more work fine here.

  • Wine for Microsoft office -solved
    Photoshop?? Get the GIMP - solved
    Video Streaming - Kodi on my Antergos box runs smooth and error free - solved

    the rest of the stuff - who cares!
    Linux is Free - Windows is not
    Linux is better - end of story!

  • i dont understand the people who hang on to MS Office so much. i know some old school people who just refuse to use anything else.

    openoffice and google docs are great i think. i see no reason to dump a truck load of money for MS office.

  • @megaman today Libreoffice has way more features than MS office including a truly functional grammar check via Language Tool extension and many more extensions for technical and academic writers. Best of all with Open CL support and Open GL hardware acceleration, making big image documents or doing huge Calc files are a breeze, something today’s MS Office lacks. Also the development process is far larger and extensive than MS Office ever will be. Also most governments across the world are adapting to Libre Office so that will now be the norm.

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