• Xorg, nvidia and happiness

    Hello first of all i would like to thank you all great people who made this distro possible, its my first time with arch based distro, before i used only mint and ubuntu. Always wanted to try arch but configurating everything from scratch was turning me off so i was very happy when i found your work, and its amazing! i can see how much love was put into it. Still i run into some problems and had to go back to system i know and understand a bit better but after pulling myself together i think its time to ask some questions:
    1 Nvidia drivers i have geforce 650 ti i was able to install nvidia drivers(same version i use on ubuntu) and wine yet only game that i play on ubuntu eve that runs at at 60 fps was running at 13. what else other then drivers do i need? other thing is screen resulition i wrote a simple script for adding and changing resulition of my screen but after installing drivers it doesnt work (i had same problem on ubuntu and fixed it by manually edition xorg.conf file) here i cant even find that file even after reinstalling xorg server
    2 Well second questions is about dual monitor set up and i also fixed it with xorg configurations…so if ill find answer to first one ill fix second one.

    I want to say that im very impressed by how polished distro looks right out of the box im glad i found it up and hope you guys have lots of cool ideas for future
    Chears new antergos noob.

  • oh forgot to add other question about sound i tryed to use my usb plantronics headphones with mic for skype and in setting everything worked i mean i saw volume indicator move when i talk in mic and i could hear sound perfectly but noone heard me talking and yes i checked if mic is muted.

  • For the last one: So it’s a Skype problem… Try tweaking the settings a bit. Especially in the audio tab. Everything has to be set to Pulseaudio.

  • I’ve pulled myself together reinstalled system and today all was better, i installed drivers without a problem and audi worked in skype so it kills already 80% of my problems with arch, i tryed to run eve again and frame was terrible i think im missing something from important packages…but i dont know what i isntalled all suggested things from nvidia drivers, ill try to use playonlinux(didnt use it before everything was running fine) ill let you know how it goes guys, very happy with i forced myself to do it again, chears.

  • Hi,

    Welcome to Antergos 😄 Did you install nvidia-libgl when you installed the nvidia driver?


  • i did, i think problem was in conflicts with mesa, after spending enough time on wiki and ritual goat killing in name of unix i made everything work, and have very fast system, with fine working wine, i think this topic can be closed, cause i cant provide much info on what and in what order i was doing and most of problems i faced where most likely my own fault, before that i want to say thank everyone for help and making antergos.

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