• [SOLVED]gnome-calendar change starting day of week

    i want to change gnome-calendar starting day of week.
    Hint: not gnome shell calendar i already have changed that but gnome-calendar still start sunday

  • Hmmm…Is there not an option included in the calendar’s settings? GNOME calendar hasnt existed for very long so it may not offer that option yet!

  • can we change the gnome-calendar config or something like that ?

  • It should follow your locale settings. I understand you @mozhan, who the hell starts the week on a Sunday? Only the crazy Americans! xD

    (I was kidding, I hope nobody gets offended by this!)

  • am i change for changing that ?

  • You have to go to gnome settings, region and language

    Check that the vaules are ok.


  • Okey thank you :)

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