• Dual boot Windows 7 / Antergos

    i come from Manjaro and i tried to install last week without success. Here is my config (the same as in Manjaro):
    At the end, i just had an error message concerning bootloader failure. i read that the boot partition must be ext2, is it always right. I also wonder how Cnchi know where is the boot partition.

  • If you want to replace your Manjaro install with Antergos you should choose the “Advanced Installation” option and then set your mount points like this:

    Mount Point Partition Format?
    / sda5 Yes
    /home sda6 NO
    swap sda7 YES
  • Thanks for your quick reply. It’s a good news when you say i can do that that way; it seems very easy. i never proceed like this, but why not, i try it and let you know what happens.

  • It’s done. Very easy;) without any problem. Now i’m in Antergos.

  • Welcome to Antergos 😄

  • Do you not have to mark flags / on sda5 after partitioning with GParted ?

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