• Wifi doesn't work after 4.0.1kernel update

    Wifi doesn’t work after 4.0.1kernel update

    I tried to reinstall the packages on my lenovo Y410P, but it did not work, What can i do?

    thanks for your answers

  • wifi-menu is working ?

  • @mozhan No, its not on the top bar…its hide, but before I upgrade , it was there…

  • i mean open terminal and then write wifi-menu

  • @mozhan said:

    i mean open terminal and then write wifi-menu

    the terminal’s anwwer is PLEASE INSTALL “dialog” TO USE WIFI MENU

  • @Alejandro-Munoz

    Me again, I installed it, but now the terminal’s answer is

    Usage: wifi-menu [-h | --help] [-o | --obscure] [INTERFACE]

    Interactively connect to a wireless network on INTERFACE using netctl.
    If only one wireless interface is available, INTERFACE can be omitted.

    -h, --help Show this help
    -o, --obscure Show asterisks for the characters of the password
    and store the password as a hexadecimal string

    Thank you man…

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