• How can I make a code run on start up?


    I am using compiz+emerald on the Antergos KDE interface…and it is beautiful…but in order for me to have window titles and borders i have …on startup i have to open a terminal and run the code “emerald --replace” and i am growing weary of having to enter this code on every startup. so how can i make this automatically happen when i boot up my Arch KDE desktop?

  • some examples is here
    link text

  • @mozhan

    i don’t understand how that can help me can you post a how to reply

  • Hi,

    If I remember correctly, KDE provides a config module within its System Settings for defining applications/scripts to be autostarted. Let me know if you cant find it.


  • yes i know but i keep getting an invalid code message…i want to run “emerald --replace”

  • Could you post a screenshot of the autostart module in KDE settings? I cant remember exactly how its set up or what it wants you to provide.

  • @lots-0-logs

    I hope this wasn’t overkill, but i have learned that when it comes to these things extensive detail helps…Each photo is labeled as a step i have taken and at the end i provide a full view.I am sure this is more than enough. :) 👍

    Open system setting.snapshot5.pngEnter startup and shutdown. snapshot6.pngUnder auto start. snapshot7.png Click add script.snapshot4.pngI enter code “emerald --replace.” snapshot2.pngNow i receice the following error snapshot3.pngHere’s the full veiw snapshot1.png

  • Thanks. That was perfect. So when you choose Add Script, it is expecting you to input the file path to a bash script. Of course you could simply create a file, add the shebang line, and then your command. However, I think that if you choose Add Program it will let you type in the command which is exactly what you want: emerald --replace

  • Thats for the help runs great 👍 sorry for the noob mistake but i’v only been using kde for a week before i converted to the amazing wonder of Arch…and i am very happy with my Arch kde…thanks for all the help you given me over the past two of days as it has made my Ubuntu to Arch transition go every well :)
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  • You’re welcome 😄

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