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    Hi, I’m new to Antergos (an maybe to the distro world too), I’ve been using Fedora for a couple of mothns, but I wanna switch to Antergos, the problem is I wanna keep everything I have in my home folder in Fedora to Antergos, it’s not too much data juts like 30 gb, and the home directory is not partitioned, so I wanna know how do I switch the distro without loosing my data.

    I know this might be a common question an maybe is solved in other forums, but I wanna make sure I have an answer from Antergos experienced users.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    You will need a place to store the files temporarily like a USB flash drive or another hard drive. Then its just a matter of copying them into your Antergos home directory after installation 😄


  • @lots-0-logs answer is the only option to do this…what your asking is only possible possible via backup USB drive… you can put all your files and downloads on it and restore them after the installation…when you do a fresh install of any OS it automatically wipes all content on the previous OS…there is no there way around it other than creating a backup USB …once the downloads installation is complete you can transfer the files on the usb drive. to you desktop.

  • There’s a more complicated option… if he does not have an usb disk or another ide/sata drive, he can resize the partition and create another one (either to store his data files or to install the new OS). GParted is a great tool to do this.

    But yes, I agree the easiest option is to backup everything to an external USB.

  • If you choose to reize the partition via GParted, you will have to install it from ‘advanced options’ and mount that drive to /home there.

    If you backup stuff in an external drive, then, when you’re installing Antergos, just check ‘Home in a seperate partition’ option in the cnchi(installer) so you never face anything like this in future.


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