• [SOLVED]Sublime text editor

    How can i install fully sublime text editor?
    Also anybody have a advice text editor better than sublime text editor? Why?

  • I like github’s Atom editor. It’s just like sublime but it has a lot of plugins you can use. It’s also free.
    I build it from the AUR with yaourt -S atom-editor

  • When we want to compare this two editor what is the advantages of Atom ?

  • @mozhan Atom shares a lot of Sublime’s shortcuts and I find its git integration very useful when working on a project with other people. Sublime has better default code completion but Atom’s can be configured to be like Sublimes. I plug-ins for Atom are really what makes it for me. When I’m working with Arduino micro controllers I can work with the .ino files in atom instead of Arduino’s clunky IDE. A big drawback on linux is that atom takes a bit of time to start up. Even on a fresh install.

  • I prefer Sublime because it is faster to open the large (~500MB) log files I work with. You can install it with

    yaourt -S sublime-text

    For the development version

    yaourt -S sublime-text-dev
  • can i add terminal in sublime text?

  • tkank you :)

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