• Anyone else missing terminal history ?

    I had to fix the terminal history on my box, which is pretty much out of the box, so I guess I’m not alone.

    sudo chown $USER ~/.bash_history

    should fix it for anyone else having this issue.

  • That’s bizarre. Did you install the KDE desktop with Antergos by any chance?

  • Nope, it’s OB.

  • @distrohopp OK, thanks for the warning. We’ll look into it.


  • no issues on my openbox setup with that but ive had mine going for a while.

  • I installed guake hoping to solve the problem. I didn’t know they were using the same file to store history. I have absolutely no trace of any of my commands from before the session I ran the above mentioned fix. Weirdly enough there was nothing in it since either. So I manually quit guake instead of shutting down, and I got to watch .bash_history get populated with a session’s worth of commands in return. I don’t know what’s wrong here.

  • Try this: sudo chown -R $USER:users ~/

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