• Compiz window decoration doesn't work.


    I am using a kde interface on Argos, and i have enabled compiz effects which are amazing in Arch…but i have a big issue. There are no tile’s or boarders on the any of the windows i have opened…As result I cannot move the windows via click and drag, nor can i maximize the windows in left, right, or full screen position. I do have the checkbox for compiz window decoration checked and it does not give me the borders and titles like its supposed to. I have used emerald and ran the command “emerald --replace”, but this only provides a temporary fix. I dislike having to execute the command on every startup, to get my borders and titles back…On the same token it does not allow me the capability to maximize the windows in left, right, and full screen positions.

    So what I am asking for is if anyone know of a way to fix this or workaround it. As of now I have compiz set as my default window manager…but that only because thats the only way I know how to make the effects permanent… but I would gladly take advice on a method involving using another window manager, but at the same time keeping my beautiful compiz effects running seamlessly on startup.

    Please help…

  • @lots-0-logs

    for the most part yes…put i cannot seem to find a proper solution

  • To be honest, I’m not able to be much help here. I don’t use Compiz. It’s not officially supported in Arch and, while I could be wrong, I don’t think it’s actively developed anymore by its developers. Is there something that compiz provides that you cannot get from one of the supported window managers?

  • @lots-0-logs

    i like the feel of it…and there are some extra effects that i do that are not offered anywhere else such as burning windows and the shift switcher

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