• Problem with can't install necessary packages.

    Hello, im antergos user since 5 months. I format my laptop and install other linux but i want back to antergos and i found this problem. When the installation was finishing cnchi launch me this error.
    I put the log for see the error and help me please.

    link text

  • Hi,

    It appears that one of the packages downloaded from the mirror was corrupt. Try it again, it should be okay by now!

  • I try 5 times without exaggeration xD and always let me this error and I have tried to install the gnome, kde, base editio… etc…

  • @nexfran Are you using the latest Cnchi version?

    Please, try it again and show us the log (/tmp/cnchi.log)


  • I try reinstall 7 times now and can install 2 times one the base system and other in gnome desktop, im trying install cinnamon my default desktop…

  • Please, show us the log (/tmp/cnchi.log)


  • If your Cnchi version remains at 0.7 (current is 0.8) then you are experiencing the same issue described by me and others here: http://forum.antergos.com/topic/2048/live-iso-won-t-update-cnchi
    In that case, you should launch a terminal and follow these steps to update cnchi manually: https://github.com/Antergos/Cnchi/issues/303#issuecomment-94838586

  • i do this and again the same error i cant install without this error, and karasu put the cnchi.log at the thread i paste on pastebin. I try install with the version 8.100 and leave me the error again…

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