• Can you covert this command line for me


    I am new to Arch and i understand that command lines in Arch Linux are different than other distros . so i have found a command line that i need to execute and it is “sudo apt-get install compiz-kde”…this will allow me to run compiz in kde…now i have tried to convert it so a “sudo pacman” line but being a noob to Arch Linux i think i am doing i wrong.

    So can you convert “sudo apt-get install compiz-kde” to a command line compatible with Arch?

  • sudo pacman -S
    sudo apt-get install

  • i know that but when i run the code i get this

    “]$ sudo pacman -S compiz-kde
    [sudo] password for tactux:
    error: target not found: compiz-kde”

  • It’s in the aur.


    sudo yaourt -Syy compiz

    I did not see a compiz-kde package.

  • Be sure to add this to your bookmarks 😄



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