• [SOLVED]Gnome Music is not open

    Hello there,
    I am newer on Antergos, i just install today and i am using Gnome Shell DE. But gnome-music give no effect when i click the icon’s

  • Hi,

    There are two bugs present lately, I do not know which one is affecting you.

    • Open a terminal and run totem, then try to run music again, works now?
    • Are you using nvidia drivers? (instead of the nouveau ones)


  • firts way is okey my system.But as you say gnome music is run with bug (slowly).I use ATI.

  • :S my shell need to restart when i listening the music with gnome-music. I like the gnome apps also working style with gnome shell but it is not good idea for gnome-music on Antergos. I hope it will be debug. I remove the gnome music.

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