• [Solved]No window boarders When using CCSM

    I have recently made Compiz my window manager on my Antergos KDE environment…Which is nice as now i can apply Compiz effects to my desktop and they will be permanent, but now i have no window boarders. i have checked the window decoration box in Compiz but i still have to borders. Also i cannot maximize windows on the screen by dragging them left. right, up, and down.

    How can i fix this?

  • @Tristan-Conard

    You need to set which window decorator you want to use. To set the default decorator for Compiz, start CCSM - you can do this by running ccsm. Then navigate to the ‘Effects’ section and ensure that the ‘Window Decoration’ plugin is ticked. Finally, click on the ‘Window Decoration’ button and in the ‘Command’ field enter the relevant command for your decorator:

    • emerald --replace
    • gtk-window-decorator --replace
    • kde4-window-decorator --replace

    More info: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Compiz#Window_Decoration

    Of course, you have to install the decorator of your choosing.


  • @karasu

    Well i restarted my laptop an now i have my borders back…maybe that was just a small bit of lag…but for some reason i cannot maximize my windows to the left, right, and full screen positions .

  • @TAC_Tux Open CCSM, scroll down to the last section (I don’t remember its name)
    and check ‘resize windows’

  • it is checked…but i am just using emerald to run my window titles and borders…idk how to label my post as solved

  • @TAC_Tux It doesnt matter if you use emerald or whatever for window borders, you need to check that in CCSM to be able to resize windows.

    If the problem is sloved, just edit the first post and change it to “[SOLVED] <topic here>”

  • @Yash
    It is it checked, has been since i installed compiz.

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