• Cannot install apps

    Hello, I’m new in Antergos. I have use Ubuntu for a long time. Now I’m lost in that system. It works very fast and I want to use it but I can’t install any app from this Pamac software manager. He ask millions questions and at the end don’t install any app. When I type in terminal:
    “pacman -S wine” it says package not found.
    Can anyone tell me what I do wrong ?

  • @Przemek-Skweres

    As wine stable is 32 bit you have to enable your multilib repository (there’s an unstable 64bit version, though).

    Just edit your /etc/pacman.conf file and uncomment the multilib repo (remove # from the start). It should look like this:

    Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist


    Note: Please, do not post the same question in different threads… you won’t get more answers doing this.

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