• (Solved) RKhunter detected warnings. Do I have a rootkit?

    I ran RKhunter and it came up with this. How do I fix these and are they root kits?

  • Hi Chris,

    You don’t have a rootkit, those are false positives.

    • egrep and fgrep ARE shell scripts, so do not worry.
    • Those hidden files in man directories are totally normal.


  • @karasu I used ClamAV scan and I don’t know what this means either. Thank you for the help2015-05-01--1430531072_1366x768_scrot.png 2015-05-01--1430531053_1366x768_scrot.png

  • @ChrisMX3417 That is most likely caused by permissions (or lack there of). You really dont have to worry about Virus scanning on Linux like you do on Windows. I know that sounds insane but you’ll adjust in time ;-)

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