• [Solved] Flickering login screen after update

    I’ve just updated my Antergos system and, reboot, I find that the login screen is now very flickery. I’m using Gnome and have just upgraded to version 4.0 of the kernel.

    Does anyone know how I can fix the flicker?

  • @expatpaul After some experimenting, I’m pretty certain that this is something to do with Wayland. So the issue is that Wayland is causing a flicker on the screen.

    The next question, therefore, is does anyone know how to switch off Wayland for the Gnome login screen?

    Or, how do I go about installing an alternative login screen?

  • @expatpaul Wayland is still experimental, I do not recommend using it yet.

    Well, if you want, you can install GDM:

    sudo systemctl stop lightdm
    sudo systemctl disable lightdm
    sudo pacman  -S gdm
    sudo systemctl enable gdm
    sudo systemctl start gdm


  • I’m not in any great rush to use Wayland. As I understand it, this has become the default with Gnome 3.16. While I can avoid Wayland in Gnome itself, the login manager is using it and I don’t see any way od switching it off.

    I have just checked and I already have GDM installed and not LightDM. If I try to install and LightDM, is there anything I need to be aware or wary of?

    Thanks :-)

  • I have installed and started LightDM and the flicker is gone :-)

    The one thing to note is that I also needed to manually install the lightdm-gtk-greeter but, apart from that, everything is lovely again.

    Many thanks

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