• Hello world ! Feedback from a distrohopper

    I don’t really know where to put this, I hope I managed to find a good category for feedback and a little introduction.

    After having tried ubuntu, mint, dreamlinux, aptosid, crunchbang and archbang years ago, after some hardware upgrade I ended up trying elementary-luna the last two months and recently tried freya. Freya as pretty as it is, made my system way too slugish and decided to move on and that I might as well try to squeeze performance out of my box and take advantage of the advantages RAID0 has to ofer and made a raid partition for a new OS that was supposed to be archbang again.

    But had multiple issues with their iso. I tried editing the abinstall script so it offered to install to raid devices as well, but after 3 failed attempts to get the script working, finding packer to be missing and seeing that the forums are kind of dead and that i don’t remember my old account while registering is kind of impossible according to the forums… I gave up. Wanted to try Crunchbang next but it is officially dead. I didn’t see that coming. I needed something lightweight and downloaded sparky and wattos, but multibootusb couldn’t handle booting them. Manjaro seemed to be a bad idea.

    After all this, I tried to install arch from the archbang session and messed up freya too. I spent hours trying to find a tutorial on how to add openbox on top of it but somehow all I stumbled upon was outdated or incomplete. I spent other hours trying to get packer and multibootusb to this live session, in the hopes that I could try out some other iso that actually works, ending up giving up on what should have been conveniently multi-booting anything and booting from a stubborn live cd and dd-ing antergos to usb, because of some hardware limit, that made everything freeze if pacman got too busy.

    I wasn’t ready for what I was about to discover. A distro that works and apparently cares about appearance and choices as well. Even the forum is estethically pleasing… and I have a hunch that I found a distro I’ll gladly call home if it stays like this. But after loosing a night’s sleep… and 4 attempts at installing antergos later, I still strugle with raid. - but I’ll open another topic for that.

    Here I just want to point out, that while this distro seems to be lightyears ahead of many others, turning swap ON would have probably saved me from some kind of memory error I ran into, forcing me to reboot and install from the beggining. 1 GB of ddr3 ram isn’t much, but whatever boots as default (gnome 3? ) is seriously not “for everyone”. Might I suggest that the live cd should check the hardware and only run gnome3 if the system has at least 2gb and is dual core and what not ? Starting the browser to look for help took me forever. Killing it another eternity. It almost seemed like another dead-end distro because of this. Also, the conky I’m greated with on the desktop appears to pretend I an extra cpu-core.

    Otherwise, I’m just a few minutes into this distro and I’m happy with arch and openbox running finally. I’m surprised to see there’s a dock too, which is more than cute, having come overfrom Freya. Offering easy access to the AUR, fonts and a firewall is a more than decent move on behalf of antergos as well. The fact that tint2 understands a right click as a “close program” is just pure practical awesomeness. Whatever login-manager I was greated with is the best I’ve seen. This distro, restored my faith in linux.

    All in all, a big thank you for saving me to having to go back to some debian based distro like semplice and doing an unexpectedly good job at it. I just don’t get how I didn’t find you earlier.

  • @distrohopp

    First, thanks for you kind words, we’re happy that Antergos suits you as it suits us ;)

    Might I suggest that the live cd should check the hardware and only run gnome3

    In fact, for these cases, you have the minimal iso. It has the only necessary files to run Cnchi, no Gnome 3 is present. Try it out.

    And about the Openbox version, I got most of its configuration from Crunchbang (we like to give credit when is due). Of course we modified some things here and there, but we based our work on theirs.


  • Thank you for Antergos.

    Yes I kinda figured later that I got the wrong iso, but honestly, if you take a look at the description, it kinda leads you to believe that you’re trading a “functional environment” and more options for nothing else than bandwith that I have more than plenty off. I wasn’t even sure openbox would be one of those desktops to choose from in the minimal iso, and I was open to alternatives and hoping maybe I could try mate too. Given the difficulties I was facing, I wasn’t going to download almost-ware and of course I went for “fully functional” over mere bandwith. I had no idea a 4 years old pc would hang on Gnome3.

    Antergos Live ISO
    ^ Our default install media.
    ^ A fully functional Live environment
    ^ Test drive Antergos without making any changes to your system.

    Antergos Minimal ISO
    ^ Smaller file size.
    ^ Saves bandwidth and improves download time.
    ^ Great for slow connections.

    Crunchbang ditched closing apps with right click at some point. It’s not a big deal to change tint2, but I’m glad we’ve got some defaults right - by targeting snappiness.

  • Crunchbang ditched closing apps with right click at some point.

    I didn’t know that. I always liked closing apps with a right mouse click (to tell the truth, it was a bit frustrating at first, as when I wanted to open a menu I ended closing the app xD ).

  • The main idea here is that you don’t have to hunt a little square or mess with menus. It’s a bigger square you click on and it’s quicker. Like closing firefox tabs with just one middle-click instead of finding the little X.

    Openbox is charming because a middle/scroll-click on the window header will send the window behind all, so no need to hunt the minimize button either. Scrolling over rolls the window up. Again… this is a huge rectangle compared to a tiny button. Holding the alt button you can grab any window anywhere to move. Given that openbox is so efficient, it makes sense that tint2 is configured like this.

    I see grub leaves us with like 2 seconds to boot something else than default, instead of the usual 10. This is perfect.

  • im a big fan of the right click close myself 😎

    just one of the many little things in openbox that makes me a fan.

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