• New kernel 4.0.1 is available

    Arch packagers have made available the new linux kernel 4

    In theory, it’s more a stable version, so do not expect a big change because they went to 4.x

    Please update with care ;)


  • Loading feels faster after upgrading on my dell laptop. Besides that no issues with the new kernel.

    I7 [email protected]/32GB Ram/3440 x 1440 + 1440p/EVGA 1080 FTW/512GB SSD/2TB HD/Antergos Base w/ Plasma

  • so far so good :+1:

  • No issues here. Significantly faster boot speed compared to linux-lts.

  • Upgrade without problems … for now everything perfect

  • thanks for your report, I’m diving on it now…

  • Upgrade in my two Antergos, work fine :)

    Antergos (Gnome)

  • kernel 4.0.1 is ok but no gcc -5.1 which leads to tons of problems when compiling stuff vmware or e1000e driver etc.

  • Sorry for the noob question but how do i update the kernel

  • Kernel updates are installed just like any normal package update. You will be notified by the update manager when there are updates available.


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