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    I love Antergos, but I can’t install it at work. Is there a workarround to set it up without a working internet connection and to download the packages later step by step?
    At home I got a very good connection. I could download stuff in advance… but how do I tell the installer to use that?

    Maybe I coult take the pkg-cache from my home-Antergos to work?

    I would love to clone the system I use at home to use it at work. The package selection would be nearly identical.

    Please help me. I m forced to use Ubuntu. Don’t get me wrong - it works like a charm, but it feels like a date with a fat ex girlfriend. ;-)

  • Hi,

    As I see it, you have two options:

    • Clone you home system with clonezilla and simply install it to the new harddisk at work 😬
    • Copy all packages (xz files) to another harddisk (or usb) and before running cnchi, simply mount it in /var/cache/pacman/pkg, or if you prefer, tell Cnchi where those files are using the -c parameter


  • thanks, I will try as soon as possible

    cloning is no option, the systems differ too much

    I will mount the pkgcache

  • Thank you, worked. Now I can enjoy the fast, stable and up to date Antergos, I’m used to, at work :-)

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