• Installation issues both on live and minimal

    Installation problems occur every time I try to install Antergos. Right after Antergos successfully downloads the updates Cnchi disappears…and never comes back. It does that with both live and minimal installation, no matter what distro flavor I choose and no matter what software I decide to install or not to install. It’s been like this for quite a few weeks.

  • Hi @Giuliano,

    Let’s see… which ISO are you using? And what is your Cnchi’s version?

    Please, try it once more but when it fails grab the log file /tmp/cnchi.log and link it here so we can try to guess what’s happening.

    Also tell us if your system is UEFI or not, and which partition layout are you trying to accomplish. Oh, and if you’re using LUKS encryption or LVM, too.


  • Hi Karasu, thank you for your attention. Actually I solved the problem. Apparently there was an issue with the Italian mirrors, I reinstalled Antergos via swiss mirrors and everything is fine now.

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