• Dualboot, win8.1 + antergos


    I want to install antergos near my win8.1 system.
    I have a problem.

    In the “Advanced Installation Mode”, I create the / root partition, but I don’t know how can I set the /boot partition.

    Screenshot from 2015-04-25 19-11-04.png

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    After roberto’s answer in this topic: http://forum.antergos.com/topic/2006/installing-to-btrfs-subvolume/3

    I changed the btrfs file system to EXT4. But now, I have another problem :))
    What is the /boot/efi partition? Or how can I mount this?

    Screenshot from 2015-04-25 19-29-56.png

  • @I-sty I do not use Windows, but I think you need to mark your System partition (/dev/sda1) to be mounted as /boot/efi but DO NOT MARK IT FOR FORMATTING!


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