• Xfce configuration when manually installed

    After a bit of trouble, yesterday I managed to install antergos with openbox. I wanted to test it, but I can’t find many of the options I’m used to on it.
    So I decided to install xfce too, to be able to have a DE that I know and can use perfectly for everyday, and from then start testing from time to time openbox.
    Therefore: sudo pacman -S xfce4
    The problem, I ended up with a clean xfce4 configuration, which is quite far from the beautiful one that ships with antergos.
    How can I get the xfce4 configuration that you get when choosing to install xfce4? Did I miss some package?

  • Someday (hopefully soon) we will have a package available in the repo for each desktop that will apply the default settings. Until then, you can apply them manually:

    First, install any missing packages from the graphical and xfce sections of this file:


    Then, run the commands for xfce in these two files:


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