• Backlight not turning off when closing lid

    Since I´ve upgraded to Gnome-Shell 3.16 and Kernel 3.19.3-3 I have the following behaviour:

    1. On my notebook (Dell e7440) the backlight will not turn off when I close the lid (did so before).
    2. using the display brightness controll, it doesn´t turn off either on the lowest setting (did so before).

    Is there a way to correc the issue no. 1?

    I do not know if this is Gnome-Shell related…

  • Hi,

    I would guess it’s a kernel or graphic driver problem. Have you tested with the LTS kernel? Maybe that helps.
    Just install linux-lts, but be warned that there was an old bug that after installing the LTS kernel grub wasn’t able to run it.
    If you encounter it, just search in the forum as it has been discussed before.


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