• [SOLVED] The gnome icons are different now.

    When I launch the icons of the desktop gnome, from the sidebar, they no longer have that effect soft and floating toward their place at the center of the monitor.
    I should see them move all together, noting the motion, but instead they do shooting immediately without showing the motion, as when I hold the nouveau driver, instead of the nvidia driver.
    This did not happen a few months ago.
    has happened to someone?
    Please, there is a reminder for the proper installation of the Nvidia drivers?
    In the wiki not find it anymore.

  • Hi,

    I’m not sure I understand the issue. Could you provide a screencast? Thanks.

  • Hi,
    More than anything, it would take a video and I do not know how to do it and put it on the forum.
    Most likely, the drivrers Nvidia does not make it good with my hardware.
    With Fedora and openSUSE, these drivers do not give problems to the movement of the icons of gnome.

  • Maybe @albert was talking about animation of icons… Maybe…shot0015.jpg

    Is this the floating you were talking about?

  • @Yash Now that you said it, I think you’re right.

    @albert Are you using nouveau or nvidia? And which one do you want to use?

  • Hi!
    I apologize for the delay.
    Yes Yash, you are able to find my problem : the problem is the “how the icons move”.
    And to answer at Karasu, I’m using nvidia. With the nouveau drivers, the floating does not exist.
    But the problem occurs only with Antergos :with all other distributions, the icons move in the right way ( with the Nvidia drivers)
    I thanks all of you.

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