• vlc menu bar above video

    this is probably a bug in the new vlc but is anyone else able to move the menu bar above the video? i was able to do this before but with the recent updates it wont go above the video screen now. not sure if some setting i have is preventing this or what.

    hopefully someone knows what im talking about here ;)

  • The setting is under Tools>>Customize Interface


  • yeah but the option doesnt work. does it work on your system? i check the box to move the menu above the box. it shows it moved in the preview but will not move it.

    this is probably more a vlc thing but i was just curious if anyone else has this problem.

  • Yeah you are right, it doesnt save any changes you make. Must be a bug. If its important enough to you, you might want to report it to VLC devs 😉

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