• Y U No Phpbb?

    Hi, Yash is back!

    I know this has been discussed before. but I decided to make a new post because I know Devs are nice and won’t go mad at me for that xD

    Even though we can call this nodebb ‘modern’ but I feel the old phpbb was way more ‘home’ since we’ve been using ‘list’ type forums forever.
    and I haven’t seen Grid type forum anywhere else yet. Everyone’s happy with their forums
    and, why the heck does that stupid white strip below cover a part of text area…

    Screenshots? Error!
    [code], [command] : “We’re not loved anymore” ;-;
    can load it on opera mini on phone? no.
    Is node easier to browse through? no.
    Will this new interface bring more people? IDK, personally speaking, It tries to keep me away.

    Can we go back? YESSSssss
    and as far as I know, that old phpbb supports theming, so, Your friends can numix it up!

  • Regarding switching back to phpbb, see my remarks here: http://forum.antergos.com/topic/1957/a-new-firefox-issue/4

    Regarding the other items on your list…

    1. BBCODE is not supported right now, but I plan to add it when I have the time. Until then we are using markdown. So if you want to make a [code] block, use three backticks instead. To make an inline code snippet use only one backtick. It’s not difficult 😉
    2. If it doesnt load on mobile then that’s my fault. I havent tested my theme on mobile. As soon as I have the time I will check it.
    3. That’s your opinion. It’s okay, everyone has one 😜
    4. See number 3 above.
    5. See my post linked at the beginning of this message.


  • but… but. the annoying white bar?

  • @Yash What white bar? BTW, image attachments work fine. See: http://forum.antergos.com/topic/1957/a-new-firefox-issue/3

  • @lots.0.logs 05cf10fc25245e3192383f0151506290.png

    They don’t show in preview or in posts.


    (Unless I’m screwing up Markdown again then I feel stupid)

  • i like the new forum software :bowtie:

    seems easy for me to navigate.

    the mobile part works great on my mobile phone. been using it the last couple days. opera mini sometimes changes the formats of sites. i use a lightweight app called lightning. im sure firefox and chrome work well with it also.

    the theme seems to match antergos pretty well.

  • @lots.0.logs said:

    @Yash What white bar?
    Well, the bottom of the page, from where it shows the participants and below, keeps hovering over the new messages, making them ureadable…

  • @George-Pantelis Could you post a screenshot of this? Does it happen in Firefox or Chrome? What size is your display and is the browser window maximized?

  • Amazed at your instant responses, Dustin!!!
    Well, my display size is 15.4 and I`ve set my Chromium window maximized at 125% with very large font size. It doesn t happen all the time, but when it does, it s persistent in every thread I open. It only happens when I click the option to watch the new messages of a topic I have seen before. Scrolling down to read them, brings up the bottom hovering over the messages.I haven t tried it in firefox. I ll do my tests bearing in mind your questions and let you know…

  • @George-Pantelis Hmm…does it happen when the zoom is set to default (100%)?

  • This screenshot :

  • @Yash said:

    This screenshot : 2015-04-22--1429684011_1365x612_scrot.jpg

    Ye site uploads don’t exactly work…

  • archlinux.png

    Images work now 😄

  • You must be right about maximized windows @lots-0-logs
    In 125% maximized window I get this picture…
    Στιγμιότυπο από 2015-04-22 19-12-55.png
    which causes this issue…
    Στιγμιότυπο από 2015-04-22 19-11-55.png
    BUT, in a 100% maximazation, the picture I get is this and causes no problems…
    Στιγμιότυπο από 2015-04-22 19-13-07.png
    Thanks and hope this helps others, too!

  • I’m not surprised. I fully expected to be correct about this one, hehe…Most websites are designed to be viewed at 100% zoom. If you always use a higher setting then its very likely that there are many web sites which are not rendering on your screen as they were designed/intended. 👀

  • @lots.0.logs Updated the last ‘This screenshot’ post

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