• Arch's wine is very slow. for me. Anybody else facing the same?

    Topic says it all. :)

    I’ve tried wine in both Arch and Antergos and both in i686 and x86_64 Installs.

    When ever I double-click on a .exe or run a installed wine app, it takes around 4-5 seonds (300 milliseconds, more you know :D) to show up.
    Terminal doesn’t show any fancy errors either.

    Anyone else struggling?

  • Not for anything specifically, I put anything wine through playonlinux. Easier to manage wine programs.

  • I don’t like POL, it unnecessarily downloads loads of wines for you.
    I like to be less drunk.

    I had never faced any ‘slow’ wine on ubuntu. :/

  • @Yash

    It downloads the best version compatible for the program. You can always delete the version and use another.

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