• Forecast.io not working in OpenWeather. Loading Current Weather...

    I installed the OpenWeather extension last night but unfortunately when I use forecast.io for the weather data it never loads the weather data. It’s just said “Loading current weather…” for about 10 hours now. Using openweathermap.org for data works, however the data is pretty inaccurate.

    I’m not sure what info might be helpful so I’ve just included the system logs requested in the sticky. Please let me know if anything else is needed.


  • @Herdo you should report this upstream, that is, to the creator of the OpenWeather extension.


  • @karasu I was thinking the same thing. Thank you.

    EDIT: Good call. I looked on the OpenWeather page at extensions.gnome.org and in the comments the developer mentions that an API is required for forecast.io. I created an account, generated an API and it started working immediately.

    Thanks again.

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