• [solved]GnuPG creates 4096bit key within seconds, but takes much longer on Ubuntu

    Hi, (hope I posted this in the correct sub-forum)
    when creating a 4096bit RSA key pair ($gpg --full-gen-key) ((1) choice), it takes only seconds for such a long key to create, whereas in Ubuntu it takes minutes. I’m concerned about the randomness/security of such a key. Why is it created within seconds? I’m testing in Virtualbox.
    BTW: When using Seahorse and creating a new key, I can’t click the Create button. Bug? Seahorse seems also not to list any keys created with gpg.

  • The amount of time it takes to generate will depend on how much entropy the system has available at the time. I believe virtualbox guest service starts haveged during boot by default. That could also explain why its faster (if Ubuntu does not enable haveged by default).

  • Thanks, that’s it:
    $ ps -ef | grep haveged
    Ubuntu: nothing
    Arch: “/usr/bin/haveged -F -w 1024 -v 1”
    After killing it takes much longer again.
    Now I’ll search how good haveged is BTW, or what’s the reason for Ubuntu (and probably others) not to run it?

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