• Remove clutter from the applications screen

    Hey there,

    I would find it very refreshing to remove some unnecessary apps from the menu, like the whole avahi apps, which don’t work by default anyway, unless you manually start the service. Additionally some apps don’t have proper icons because they have absolute icon paths. How can we fix this? I can give you a list of these apps. ATM I just manually “echo NoDisplay true >>” to the .desktop files, but this can’t be a solution. As the packages are from the Arch repos can we do anything about this?
    I am very optimistic to find a solution to this ;)

    Thanks for all your work, I am using Antergos since a few months now without any problems :)

  • Bug reports would need to be filed upstream with Arch for the packages that aren’t including “no display” in their .desktop files but should be.

  • @petabyteboy This is a bit difficult to archive, as you need to get in contact not with the Arch packager but with upstream (people that develop that app) to include that line into their .desktop file. Arch packagers won’t agree to patch this themselves as it goes against their KISS philosophy.

  • As @karasu says it would be very difficult to reacht that goal like that. A very dirty solution (but the only I see) would be including corrected .desktop files in the .local/share/applications folder of the new user skeleton. However, these would get outdated quickly and I don’t see a way of updating 'em.

  • Hit those clutter apps with alacarte!

  • I want to know from the developers: Would such a dirty solution be accepted? If it would, I would happily invest some time into a beautiful pull request.

  • I would argue strongly against forcing patched .desktop files. This is an issue that should be addressed upstream.

  • @pid1 I agree it’s not really ok to do that. Upstream won’t fix it as @karasu already said.

  • @petabyteboy What @karasu said was that you need to contact the upstream developers, and not the Arch packagers. That does not mean that upstream will not fix it.

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