• Desktop frozen

    Sometimes when multiple windows are open, for a few minutes desktop crashes, freezes. I use nvidia card without drivers.

  • Without drivers? That’s not possible… you mean the ‘nouveau’ driver?

    And which DE are you using? Gnome?

  • What’s the model of your NVIDIA card? If its one of there latest cards then you will see unstable performance under nouveau.

  • @karasu Gnome offcourse, nouveau-yes.

  • @Grzegorz-Gregor I recommend giving the proprietary drivers a try. For some systems they are more stable (as is the case with my own system). You can install them using pacman (tell it yes when it asks if you want to remove conflicting packages):

    sudo pacman -Syyu
    sudo pacman -S nvidia nvidia-libgl
    sudo reboot
  • Thanks for quick reaction. At the time, after this command is OK.


    I do not understand, for me it is useless.

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