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    Hi! After updating to Gnome 3.16 I’ve seen that some windows have a black 1px border and a different shadow than other “normal” windows. Furthermore, when I next a windows to another, the left/right shadow of right/left window is overlapping the other window. I’ve attached a little screenshot for get a sense about that: on the left there the GIMP export window and on the right a nautilus window.

    gimp nautilus different borders
    Any idea?

  • I figured out that is a Numix bug, Adwaita doesn’t have this problem. But there is still a difference in the size of the shadow of some windows… Bah 😒

  • I’ve been fighting with the numix-frost-theme for the last few days. I’ve made some progress but I can tell you one thing…GTK 3.16 is BUGGY when using any theme besides Adwaita. Though I cannot say that surprises me, not even a little. 😒

  • If i only can find a valid alternative to the dash in another DE i promise that I’ll leave GNOME 😁 They change too much things in each release, developers goes crazy!

  • Well, unfortunately you can’t really escape the effects of the GNOME devs craziness because all desktops (even KDE) will require GTK to run some apps that you will want to use. Things would be a lot better if GTK and GNOME development was not controlled by the same people (IMO).

  • Yeah, GTK would be more stable (or would not be modified if GNOME development requires it only for convenience). More code & less headache!

  • After some problems with numix theme I searched a new theme that works well with Gnome 3.16, and I found MosSky: it looks really nice!
    May I recommend you to switch to that theme? Numix seems that hasn’t been already updated…

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