• LXQt vs pure OpenBox (pros vs cons)

    @herbie pretty pretty; congrats

  • @text
    Thank you. I tried long and hard to get a really smooth, polished look.

  • That’s the problem. Customization is a long and hard process that most newbs won’t want to do right away. I for one like the simpler look of openbox. Tint2 and plank are simple enough that the gui can configure them pretty easily. I’ll post pic in a minute.

  • I agree with you, but there are many themes out there that look LOTS better than the default.
    For example:
    Vertex (themes)
    I just wasn’t quite happy with them so I just customized.
    Granted, most users would probably never customize to the extent that I did.
    Still, the aforementioned themes are still nice and look lightyears better than the default.
    I just wonder why Xfce never adopted any one of them as the default and drop that butt-ugly default one.
    Would make for a much better appearance and perhaps even some really good reviews.
    Afterall, visuals are part of the experience and 1st impressions are really important.

  • I liked lxqt but went to plasma 5, i like the route it is going. More polished out of the box and i think i had issues when connecting my tv on lxqt and a few other minor issues. This was months ago though and it’s still in early stages.

  • @Lizzi noice!

  • @tex thanks tex


    those are the files from my config directory that i posted on manjaro. It’s d/l links to the files stored on google drive if anyone wants them.

  • thx, i’ll have a look for sure

  • This post is deleted!
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