• LXQt vs pure OpenBox (pros vs cons)


    I like to use a lightweight UI.
    What is the better solution?
    A simple window manager or a minimalistic desktop manager?

  • @I-sty

    It depends on your taste. Do you want the fastest system and don’t care to open the terminal from time to time? Go for Openbox.

    I do not like LXDE (I have not tested LXQt) because it feels outdated to me, but that’s only my personal opinion.


  • Openbox 😎

  • I would ditch them both and go Xfce for the best of both worlds.

  • @Wyn: To tell you the truth, XFCE is not as light as people think… try Openbox and you’ll see. Oh, and if you need a light DE I would choose MATE before XFCE (not because it’s better but because it’s lighter, imo).


  • @karasu

    Oh, I have to throw up a Vm and check it out! I used Openbox 2/3 years ago and the memory usage wasn’t that big compared to xfce.

  • Does the mate-unstable version enough stable for daily usage?
    I tried in VB and it’s ok.

  • @Wyn Openbox is really light, but XFCE is not that bad. Personally I like both. If you want light go Openbox or LXDE. If you want to step it up a notch XFCE & Mate and if you have RAM to spare go KDE or Cinnamon. Not a big Gnome fan but Antergos Gnome is pretty damn good. Best I’ve seen so far.

  • To me, even openbox isn’t as light as it smells.
    Its very fast tho no doubt about it. but ram consumption never comes below 450MB on my laptop even when nothing is open.
    Moreover, openbox takes all the ‘smoothness’ away that you see in those fully fledged DEs.
    Enlightenment is extremely fast and light I’ve heard, gonna try bodhi in few days. :)

    Going back to Gnome in few days ^_^

  • Enlightenment is extremely fast and light I’ve heard, gonna try bodhi in few days.

    You’ll be really impressed at how fast and nice looking it is, but each time I try it I feel like I’m not at home anymore 😬

  • @Yash openbox is smelling pretty light to me 😉

  • not sure what you mean by smoothness though?

  • Why are you worried about ram usage? Most systems today come with at least 3gb. My Xfce uses about 300mb on startup. No big deal. Lots of ram left. Smooth, as in appearance and damn quick.
    Xfce to me is one of the best DE’s out there. Just a bit of customizing and my environment looks damn close to Gnome. Not clunky at all. I use the Vertex theme. Really nice dark theme.
    All this talk about light systems is kind of a red herring. It’s what you that loads up ram.
    So in closing, dont worry about the ram usage.

  • @herbie you are right. I have an 8 year old laptop with 3GB of RAM and I can pretty much run anything on it except Windows. :)

  • Thank you. I thought I might be a little harsh, but what you run is the memory eater, not so much the DE.

  • @herbie My two year old Laptop came with 2GB RAM of which 1.5GB is available (GPU eats 512MB). While everyone was suggesting, I was dumb enough to not get another RAM.
    Now untill I buy another one, ill have to choose a lightweight Desktop for my laptop.

  • @karasu
    So, I tried bodhi (E19), and I must say, everyone’s right!
    The ‘E’ is VERY fast and smooth, everything is just very smooth nothing even close to ‘lag’. (On my laptop on which gnome3 feels kinda sluggish)…
    Talking about smoothness, I think enlightenment’s compositor is the most powerful and smoothest (after compiz and kwin maybe).
    and the way that file-manager loads a folder of pictures is freaking damn awesome! never seen anything like that anywhere else!

    and you’re right too, it doesn’t feel much ‘home’. Maybe because its non GTK/QT.
    But anyways, its equally away from ‘home’ as Antergos Openbox is (To me).

    Yeah, just wanted to say about my experience with enlightenment. Its fun to play with but cant make it my daily desktop.
    Here’s a screenshot :3

  • I stumbled upon some numbers and according to the “internet”…
    Plain Openbox only: 58 MB
    XFCE: 89 MB (with default configuration of Debian)
    LXDE (gtk+ 2 version): 78 MB (add 20 MB to openbox)
    LXQt: 95 MB (add 37 MB to openbox)

    Although my openbox stats currently are around 50MB, with plank eating 10 of those 50, which is weird cause I’ve seen plank take up as much as 24mb at other times.

    Given these numers I don’t think RAM is an issue, although I wouldn’t pick anything that goes over 100mb, not even with 8gb ram.

    @karasu said:

    @Wyn: To tell you the truth, XFCE is not as light as people think… try Openbox and you’ll see. Oh, and if you need a light DE I would choose MATE before XFCE (not because it’s better but because it’s lighter, imo).


    If MATE is lighter than XFCE… I no longer see reason for XFCE to exist. Openbox is lighter and more flexible. And MATE is probably more versatile and better looking. I have yet to try LXQT, but if anyone else did, please give me the number one reason you’d pick it over OB. E17 looked promissing and fun, but I ditched it for some reason I can’t remember.

    It’s functionality that matters and OB just does that awesomely. You can send a window to the background with one click anywhere on it’s title bar, roll it up, or keep it on top. You don’t need a close, minimize or restore button and you can remove them. Tiling can be done with a script like opensnap-quicktile,

    Just what is it that lxqt can do better ?

  • Mate is fine for those who like it, to say Xfce shouldn’t exist, that’s a bit harsh.
    Xfce is quite customizable and looks great with just some tweaking. BUT, to each their own.
    I have never seen a desktop on bootup less than 100mb. I once had it boot up with 107mb with a customized kernel.
    As I said before, “It’s not so much the desktop eating ram as it is the programs that you run.”
    Running perhaps i3 or some other wm might get you started really light, but start using Gimp, LibreOffice, Firefox and perhaps Thunderbird and you’ll see memory usage rising.

  • XFCE is a solid DE. its hear to stay. very good balance of speed and function. if i wasnt using openbox i would use XFCE. i havent used mate in a few years but it was very buggy. im sure they have got it more stable by now. if anything i thought mate wasnt needed with XFCE around but linux is all about choices so im glad it is.

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