• Manjaro and Antergos = love?

    So, you work together with Manjaro’s P. Muller for Thus (Manjaro 0.8.x edition installer ), which is based on Cnchi?

  • @lots.0.logs said:

    Well, that does not surprise me considering that Thus is our Cnchi code that Manjaro continues to copy, line for line, even though it has been over a year since they forked it as Thus. …But I digress…


    I assume no.

  • You know, almost everyone has an R&D program.

    For some, R&D means Research & Development.

    For others, it means Rob & Duplicate.

    Like Wyn, I get the impression there is not really a collaborative effort established, here.

  • I guess the hints that I dropped were too subtle for the masses?


  • Subtle??? That was a ccccrrrryyyy out! (in Greece we have a saying “slaughter sb using cotton”.👏

  • @lots.0.logs said:

    I guess the hints that I dropped were too subtle for the masses?


    I doubt they read that tbh :\

  • Read both Cnchi 0.8.0 launch notice and your answer regarding forked Thus continuous copy/paste.
    I thought that between 0.8.0 and 0.8.29 (last week, during installer issues) there was some input from Manjaro.
    Anyway, it’s very disturbing to see on a more visible forum that your sole (Antergos team) work is taken by other.

    Perhaps they took Chnchi and improved it, patching their own Thus and so was born “joined effort”.

  • They would say that they are not focused on developing Cnchi/Thus since they are working on their own installer project.

    Except it is not very good, complete or working so they decided not to ship it.

  • Hi,

    After seeing this thread, I feel compelled to answer this.

    I have not discussed this answer with the other Antergos team members, so please think of this message as my personal opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

    First, I will present the facts chronologically.

    1. Philip Müller (Manjaro) takes our installer Cnchi, changes its name (it’s ok, he can do that as it’s GPL) and then presents it as his own work (not so ok).

    2. We work one year long on Cnchi 0.8 without any help from Manjaro, not a single line of code. They never address to us asking for a collaboration, teaming or anything at all. Obviously, their “fork” does not improve in a single line of code during this time.

    3. We release 0.8 and to our surprise, Philip writes a blog message taking all the credit, saying that he coded everything in 24h. (I was astonished, to say the least)

    4. Ramon Buldó (also from Manjaro) helps us with an issue of the GPT formatting code. I must say that he has been always nice and collaborative, helping here and there with bits of code.

    5. After this commit from Ramon, Philip writes another post saying that we’ve teamed up. So one commit and we’ve teamed up? I missed something?

    6. Ramon helps us again, now with the bootloader installation code in UEFI systems.

    I really appreciate Ramon’s help. What I do not get is Philip’s attitude.

    Please, I do not want to start some war between distributions or teams, just wanted to clarify the facts. I’m tired to read lies in Philip’s posts and I don’t want people to believe them.

    I also thought that they where going to use the new Calamares installer, but it seems that they’re using both (Manjaro 0.8 uses their fork of Cnchi and Manjaro 0.9 uses Calamares).

    I want to make clear that we’ve always stated that we’re open to any collaboration (we’ve gladly accepted Ramon’s help when he has provided it).

    I hope this clarifies things.


  • It’s safe to say that @karasu speaks for Antergos in this case! 👌

  • I tried Manjaro once & what I didn’t like was the overkill with all the apps pre loaded - 4 pages if I remember. Then they ‘base’ themselves on Arch as though it needs so much improvement. Antergos is Arch, is fast, is reliable, is loaded with basic apps to start. Great stuff all round.

  • i was at manjaro for a while and left after i saw how the project leaders were treating people who had helped with the project from the start. cant say i was treated to well either for no reason at all.

    not to turn this in to a manjaro bashing thread 😉

    i just didnt care for the way they handle things over there oh and my manjaro desktop kept breaking.

    much smoother desktop experience here and much nicer leaders 👍

  • https://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=22144.0

    word travels fast

    guess we just jealous haters

  • Fantastic, they’re saying things that I never said… how mature.

  • Sorry to write on an old thread (I know I shouldn’t be doing this), but today I’ve seen a new message from Philip regarding a new release of their fork of Cnchi:

    After working over two months we are happy to present a new stable release of our graphical installer Thus. Ramon and Philip did a great work on fixing common issues plus adding new features like luks support in the advanced install mode. Here the full list of changes in this release:

    It’s true that some of the mentioned changes are made by them (by Ramon, mostly), but to say that they worked out luks support in the advanced install mode is a blatant lie.

    I’m sorry to say this but I can’t stand these lies anymore. Please, if anyone of Manjaro or Philip himself read this, try to rethink your “marketing” policy.


  • @karasu I think its time we contacted Manjaro directly and officially regarding this. We can discuss it further before I take any action though ;-)

  • @lots.0.logs

    Some time ago I talked with Ramon and he was nice, polite, understanding and mostly agreed with our complains. I thought that everything was settled. I’m sure he’s not the problem here.

    On the other hand, I’ve never addressed to Phil, and I’m not sure we should as he must know by now how we think, so if he’s insisting on publishing lies a message from us won’t change a thing.

    Well, I just wanted to share my indignation with all of you ;)


  • I know… necrobumping. I shouldn’t be doing this😄. However, I just came across this thread now for the first time. I had no idea about Manjaro! But htis thread seemed to end rather abruptly. Has there been any update or resolution to this issue? It seems rather serious…


  • @Keegan

    No, I never contacted Philip as I don’t really care about this anymore. AFAIK they use Calamares, now.

    What is sad it’s that even now there’s people that think that we forked the Manjaro installer, when it’s the other way around.



  • Thank you for the update😀. I really do hope things somehow work out eventually…

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