• [solved][FAILED] Failed to start Light Display Manager. See "sysemctl status lightdm.service" for details.

    I just did a clean install of antergos-2015.04.18-x86_64.iso from http://build.antergos.com/browse/testing. While installation everything seemed to went fine (chose Cinnamon) but after reboot I get this boot error message: “[FAILED] Failed to start Light Display Manager. See “sysemctl status lightdm.service” for details.” http://image-upload.de/image/wDIbOT/bc696fd8a2.png (Virtualbox). Nothing happens when I wait.

  • I resolved with ctrl+alt+f2, login, and:
    systemctl enable lightdm.service
    systemctl start lightdm.service

  • After selecting Antergos in grub hit Ctrl + Alt + F2

    Enter following:

    pacman -Rncc lightdm-webkit2-greeter
    pacman -Syy lightdm-webkit-theme-antergos
    systemctl restart lightdm


  • Thanks. I tried randomly the second suggestion and it works :) Will this error be fixed in the upcoming .iso releases in http://build.antergos.com/browse/testing or as a system update in the final 2015.04.12 release prior installation?

  • @reallinuxtest

    I assume so, cnchi got a small rewrite in the past few days.

    (Also make a new post when replying, youre making my posts irrelevant lol)

  • @Wyn Hello pal, I get this

    error: target not found: lightdm-webkit2-greeter

    what is happening?

    the output of systemctl status lightdm.services
    alt text

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