Hello :) !

I’ve noticed that in one out of 5 boots, the mouse does not work in Antergos Gnome. I usually have to press ctrl-alt-f2 and reboot from terminal when this happens. I’ve noticed this on my Alienware but it was also present on a much older dell portable (on the older portable it was alot worse).

What are the logs I should check for errors when this happens? Are there some things you would like me to try when this happens?

My setup: Antergos gnome. Installed on a Alienware m11x r2 + Kingston SSD now V300 (240GB) - 8gb RAM. /boot, / and /home are three different partitions. The is no swap… /boot is un-encrypted ext2. / and /home are LVM2 volumes embedded within a LUKS container. If you need more detailed info or logs, please let me know.