• 2nd hard disk not detected


    i recently bought a new computer, which has a ssd and an ordinary hard disk. The uefi detected both of them (chose the hard disk to be the first in boot priority). I started the antergos-live system to install it on the hard disk, but i haven’t found a way to tell the system that there is another hard disk. fdisk -l, parted --disks and also in the folders in /dev/disk/… showed only the ssd, a ram disk of the live system and some other disks smaller than 1.5 GiB. I tried also an old windows-installer to detect the disk, but this also failed. currently i don’t have any clue, what to do. I’d appreciate any advice :)


  • Hi,

    What’s the make and model of your computer?

  • if you run lsblk -f in the terminal what does it say?

  • thanks for the tipps :)
    i checked the bios again yesterday. somehow I hasn’t realized earlier that only two sata-ports where connected (the ssd and a dvd-drive), so I visited the vendor today. they simply didn’t connect the hard disk to the motherboard :| they fixed it, and now it works.
    next time I have a closer look to the bios^^ - but anyway: thanks for your support :)

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