• Is my love affair with Antergos ending?

    I hope not but so many bugs & problems over the last 2 weeks. I suspected my 4 yr old PC was showing its age with all the random issues cropping up since the Gnome update - sound on my game stopped working was the final push. So I have just got myself a new PC. Fresh install & issues straight off with installation. Had to drop Firefox & Print off the install list for it to work. All looked good until I installed Nvidia driver & a couple of updates & suddenly Gnome Videos stopped working. Had to install SMPlayer to watch some videos. Cant get my HDMI working & Nvidia runs my game so slow vs Nouveau.

    Seems to be a fire fight lately after so long with no issues whatsoever. Is it Antergos or Arch or Gnome at the moment?

  • Hi,

    I’m sorry you’re experiencing so many troubles… it’s been like a planets collision lately. Think that with each Gnome update, many things need to be fixed and that takes time to the Gnome developers (to say you the truth, I think that they change too many things between releases), also their updates of the GTK libraries always break something (but that’s not entirely their fault, it’s more the programmers can keep their pace).

    And above all that, we updated the Cnchi installer with changes from more than over a year! With so many changes something had to go wrong. We’ve learned our lesson, and we will update the installer more frequently from now on.

    About your graphics problem, I always recommend to use the nouveau drivers, and only change to nvidia if you need them for playing games. Therefore, try to install nouveau again and give Gnome guys some time to fix some of the issues.

    Oh, you can also try Cinnamon, XFCE or whichever other desktop is out there…

  • @karasu What a refreshingly honest reply. I thank you for that. Cnchi has always been temperamental & often takes a couple of goes to get it to install. For me, the Nouveau driver has always worked better so I agree.

    Hope these issues spin themselves out soon & I can go back to being a 100% happy Antergos user.

    Cheers guys for all your hard work too.


  • @karasu Just a quick FYI on this. I have just completed another 100% fresh install on my HDD. Took just 30 mins to complete. Did it to start fresh to track down why my HDMI isn’t working. Will do a fresh post on that.

  • reading the recent posts there does seem to be a few bugs going around. im sure things will get updated and fixed for everyone. these things can happen from time to time.

    i actually did a fresh install right before the update and it went smooth. im using the open source amd video drivers though.

  • Grub is ok?

  • Yesterdays fresh install of Gnome went flawlessly. Did not select the download option of Firefox as I think that was causing the package list error though. So far all running without any issues at all. Grub fine & solved my HDMI problem too but that was a BIOS setting.

    @karasu On a separate note though, the forum is very buggy last day or 2 with buttons not working & keeps having the ‘Forum Updated’ window showing each visit.

  • @Grzegorz-Gregor ok on my side

  • Just curious here but did most of these problems start when Gnome was incorporated? If so why no scrap it since it is one of the least favored DE’s.

  • @jaws222 i think Gnome is still very popular if not the most popular.

  • I have run Antergos with Gnome for months. very stable until last weeks big update. Almost all the bugs have gone now though, so still totally in love with both Antergos & Gnome.

  • I have used Antergos with Openbox for very long time. After new release I thought I will install fresh iso. I downloaded 1.5gb iso and tried to install. I tried many times but it always failed when it said trying to create download package list. Though I updated

    sudo pacman -R cnchi-dev
    sudo pacman -Syy cnchi --force

    But still could not fix "Can’t create download list " error http://forum.antergos.com/topic/1915/can-t-create-download-package-list/20

    I didn’t have more time to try because I didn’t spare laptop to use. So I started live usb again and downloaded Archbang and installed it. It does not have graphical installer. It’s plain text installer. But it’s smooth. No error whatsoever. Just 10 to 15 minutes for installation. Though it’s not as good as good looking as Antergos. But it works.

    I think the problem with Antergos installation is mirrors on which Antergos repo is hosted. ( I am not sure about it). I live in India and I have faced problem of Antergos installation many times. Many times it fails. But I don’t face probem with Arch or other Arch based distro installation. So I think the problem may be mirrors on which Antergos repo is hosted, though I am not sure about it.
    I will try to install Antergos again in few days because I want these bugs to be fixed before I try again.

  • @cb9, didn’t you get the log? That’s the most important as it helps us know what went wrong. Normally, when you get that message is because there’s some package missing, but it helps a lot know which one is the culprit. For that, we need the log :(


  • I will collect log next time I try install again. Since I don’t have spare laptop, I can’t try installation immediately. But I used x86_64.iso and I everytime I selected only support for AUR during installation. I used custom harddisk paritions in which I have 4 partitions, /boot 150 MB which I format during instllation, / 20 GB which I format during installation, swap 4 GB which I format during instllation and /home 40 GB which I do NOT format during installtion.

  • I’ve just retested the Openbox installation and works fine here, so I bet that Cnchi used an outdated mirror in your case (Cnchi tries to use the fastest mirror, but that doesn’t mean it is totally updated).

    Without the log is difficult to say, though.


  • Love affairs have got their ups & downs. As long as you trust their sincerity, just be patient if there`s a termporal problem. It needs its time to be resolved…👏

  • @karasu Is it possible to generate latest mirror list like we geneate for Arch? If I get latest mirror list then I won’t have to download whole iso again. One more question, if it fails on one mirror, doesn’t it try next one in list like the way pacman update work?

  • @cb9:

    Is it possible to generate latest mirror list like we geneate for Arch? If I get latest mirror list then I won’t have to download > whole iso again.

    That’s not the real problem. If I recall correctly Cnchi (through the update script, and also later in the python code) recreates the mirrorlist. The problem is that a lot of packages get updated in a short time (rolling release!). In fact, if you get your iso and do a pacman -Syu you’ll have the latest iso possible 😀

    It’s easier just to download the new ISO we put online, though.

    if it fails on one mirror, doesn’t it try next one in list like the way pacman update work?

    Of course! That’s why I asked for the logs… it would show there if something like this was happening.


  • I will try again tomorrow morning. I will not download new iso again because my internet is very slow. When I start live iso, I will update pacman -Syyu and then try. Let me know if anything more should I do before trying again. Thank you.

  • @cb9:

    Don’t do that… it will take forever and you can run out of RAM. Your best option is to try again but this time paste your cnchi.log file here for us to see…


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