• Ignore a package[SOLVED]

    If I want to ignore an update when I use pacman or yaourt for that matter … How do I do that? say I do the command yaourt -Syua and there is a package I dont want to update for some reason, can I ignore just that package and update the rest?

  • Yes and No 😆 You can’t pick and choose which updates to install while running -Syu. You have two options. Which one you should choose depends on whether you want to skip an update for a package just once or for a longer period (not recommended, btw).

    If you just want to skip it once you can abort the upgrade when it asks you if you want to continue. Then issue a sync command for only the packages you want to upgrade. So if you run pacman -Syu and it says PKG-A, PKG-B, PKG-C will be updated. Do you wish to proceed? You say No, and issue the sync command excluding the package you don’t want to update: pacman -S PKG-A PKG-C

    For an extended period, you can add the package to your ignore list in /etc/pacman.conf

    Hope that helps. Cheers!

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