• Dual booting with Windows 7 with one hard disk

    Is it better to use GParted before going in with default installation process?
    Extended Partition; Logical ones (root, home and swap) right?
    Have tried three times today and is stalls, error code come out… nothing happens.

  • So have you installed Win 7 already or will you be installing Antergos along side Windows on a separate partition ?
    What are the errors you getting?

    Antergos has been receiving some errors when installing lately.

  • Ya, i read about those error messages.
    It happens during the installation process.
    Antergos stalls when downloading files.
    Was going to try again with GParted first and take screenshots or eventual errors this time but might be better to wait for another updated .iso?

    Yes, Windows 7 is already there on an SSD.

  • @danielson If you still have trouble be sure to grab the logs that are in /tmp before exiting the live session. Thanks!

  • Strange things happened today.

    1. Did try partitioning with GParted but when i went back to installation procedure, the forward button would not respond, so…
    2. Deleted partitions made with GParted, started over with Antergos’ installing procedure (Cnchi), everything seemed to go well until a popup message warned me that BootMGR would be missing, which turned out to be true.
  • @danielson The latest version of cnchi is fully functional (finally). Give it another try, it should work okay for you.

  • Great!

    .iso file still has 04/12 date on it though.

  • @danielson The ISO has not changed. Cnchi updates itself upon booting the iso.


  • Check out this article about how to dual boot Windows 7 and 8, hope it helpful to you:
    Or you can also check out if Windows Boot Genius can help.

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