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    Can I use pamac for installing the latest NVIDIA proprietary drivers and how?

    Thank you

  • Any of the packages listed here can be installed through the pamac GUI. You can also use the terminal command

    sudo pacman -S <packagename>
  • you will need to do more then just install the nvidia driver. i dont have nvidia myself but search the forums for nvidia driver and you will find some instructions.

  • First of all, from terminal, find your NVIDIA card type:
    $ lspci -k | grep -A 2 -E “(VGA|3D)”
    Look for core. Find something like NV***.

    Then, read this (extras from Nvidia Wiki)
    For GeForce 400 series cards and newer [NVCx and newer], install the nvidia or nvidia-lts package along with nvidia-libgl, available in the official repositories.
    For GeForce 8000/9000 and 100-300 series cards [NV5x, NV8x, NV9x and NVAx] from around 2006-2010, install the nvidia-340xx or nvidia-340xx-lts package along with nvidia-340xx-libgl, available in the official repositories.
    For GeForce 6000/7000 series cards [NV4x and NV6x] from around 2004-2006, install the nvidia-304xx or nvidia-304xx-lts package along with nvidia-304xx-libgl, available in the official repositories.

    Depending of your card, you have to install 2 packages. For my GT210 (NV5x core) install command is:
    $ sudo pacman -S nvidia-340xx nvidia-340xx-libgl

    You have to confirm overwriting of various libraries replaced by Nvidia (mesa-lib for example).
    Then a reboot.

    Instead of nvidia-3XXxx you could use nvidia-3XXxx**-lts**, which is an older release driver, but better tested, stable and supported with various patches, for long term use.

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