• [Solved] Running Steam spits out a "failed to load driver: swrast" message. Know a fix?

    I’m running on Antergos, GNOME 3, using proprietary ‘nvidia-349’ drivers. While Steam was installing, I even got the chance to install some 32-bit libraries, which I did. However, when I boot up steam, it tells me it can’t find the driver ‘swrast’. Anyone know a way to make this work? (if this given info is unsatisfactory, I can supply pretty much any further info necessary)

  • Fixed! But since I’m not a heartless monster, I’ll describe how I fixed it.

    I had to install lib32-nvidia-libgl and have that replace lib32-mesa-libgl. In doing this, Steam boots fine.

  • Glad you solved! And thanks for sharing.


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