• Grub sometimes hang when trying to boot into Windows 8.1?

    Partition tables: msdos
    firmware mode: legacy bios
    All Antergos partition(2) format : ext4
    All Windows boot partition(2) format: ntfs

    I bought a 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD and decided to split the drive in half. I installed Windows first, without any issue. Then I installed Antergos after so that Grub would automatically configure itself to add the Windows Boot entry. However I’ve noticed that sometimes Grub hangs when I try to boot into Windows. I would have to force shutdown a few times and try again to boot into Windows.

    In the image you’ll see that System Reserved has the boot flag on it. However even when the boot flag is on the Antergos boot partition I still have the same issue.

    Didn’t want the headache of doing a EFI setup and I prefer legacy bios mode for a few reasons. I want this to work in Legacy BIOS mode.

    Thanks in advance guys

    Dual boot setup.png

  • Hi,

    Well first, and foremost the partition for /boot needs to have the boot flag set. Remove the boot flag from the System Reserved partition. Typically I use ext2 for the filesystem of my /boot partition. Perhaps its no longer an issue but I seem to remember at one time that grub didn’t support ext3/4. Its worth looking into I think!

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