• XFCE: Update Crashed System

    Just before leaving for work last night I saw there was a huge update (273mb). I let the updates run and then shut down my computer. I came home this morning and started up the computer only to discover a blank white screen at login and now cannot access anything. Fortunately I had a different distro on a usb stick so I can get online with it and post this. So, how do I get my system back?

  • Checking an arch page on facebook I see gnome updates were sent out to cinnamon and xfce users; what the hell?

  • I’m not seeing any reports of problems for Xfce related to the GNOME update. Grab the logs and post them here so we can see what’s going on.


  • Hi,

    Remember that you can try another console using CTRL+ALT+F2

    Upload those logs when you have the time.


  • I had the blank white screen at login with only cursor showing. Needed my computer though so just wiped it and moved on.

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