• Removing Antergos login splash

    Is there anyway to remove Antergos login splash? I want to use default KDE theme. Changing theme in settings does nothing, only time I get default login theme is when laptop is locked (closed).

  • You would need to remove lightdm and install sddm:

    pacman -Rcc lightdm
    pacman -S sddm
    systemctl -f enable sddm


  • Thank you for your answer lots.o.log. I was able to use default sddm login splash. :+1:
    However, I cant apply any themes to it using system settings (login screen). SDDM isn’t changing appearance, do you have any idea what I could be?

  • Hmm…No, I’m afraid not. Last time I tested sddm I was able to change the themes without issue. Though, now that I think about it I wasnt using KDE so I installed this app to configure sddm: yaourt -S sddm-config-editor-git


  • Hi,

    You can also try installing sddm-kcm

    At least, in KDE Plasma 5 works for me.


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